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A person who is absolutely sick of looking up their name like everyone else on here and getting nothing but British or London
London the name.

A girl named London looked up her name to find the meaning of it and only got results talking about the city,

She is now writing this,
by Freakinjade May 14, 2016
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A very smart girl. London's are gorgeous, and they know so. They can be shy, but once you get to know one, don't let them go! London's usually have long dark straight hair and deep hazel eyes, and and have faint freckles. London's are gfs and even better friends! They love every one and every thing around them, and they never second guess themselves. London's most likely have one small group of best friends, and love to hang out. They are very athletic and artsy. And are very clumsy.
Nick: Wow, I meet this girl today, she is so smart and beautiful... I can't get her out if my head.

Sam: is her name london?
Nick: Yeah! How did you know?

London the name
by What ever, name person August 22, 2018
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