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a crappy little suburb of chicago where theres nothing better to do then do drugs and kill yourself
Kid one: where do you live?

Lombard Kid: Lombard

Kid One: That sucks
by me March 30, 2005
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A small town outside of chicago. Although there are ALOT of drugies and sluts in lombard,those people dont matter, and they are to be ignored. it has much more character than the towns surrounding it. Glenbard East ( a highschool in Lombard) music won 2 grammys, the marching band is a pride of Illinois and is praised in the daily herold constantly. the poms always take first in state. Last year the volley ball team was first in the division and took 3rd in state. Last year 5 of students from the art department recieved awards of honorable mention and a first place competing against college level students, at a college. lilatia park is one of the most beautiful parks around, people from all over the state come to look at it. Our lilac parade is quite wonderful as well, another attraction not other towns can boast about.
ordinary kid:where are you from
lombard kid: Lombard, IL
ordinary kid: wow you're lucky, everything's so ordinary in my town.
by thelooser1 October 23, 2007
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