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Acronym of "Lender of Last Resort". LOLR are institutions that offers credit when no one else wants to do it. These are generally reserve funds or central banks which provide credit for banks (or other TBTF organizations) in risk of bankrupt, which could cause great systemic damage.
The US Government was an LOLR during the 2008 crisis.

When the Germans say “no LOLR” they mean “no LOLR”!
by dizzybrain November 18, 2011
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lol has been overused in that people aren't reely laffin, so when u actually are laffin ur ass off the use of lolr is recomended

dont stop using lol tho it has uses for wen u wanna show ur laffin a little
Jockstrap1234: remember at school today wen john smith spazzed.

g g g g g GUNIT:lolr that was sooo funnyi almost shit myself
by K-so April 02, 2005
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