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A word that has been passed down through the generations. This is a term of mockery but can also be used in times of humour and fun. Many people have taken to use it on internet forums when they feel the discussion is becoming too heated and some much needed humour needs to be injected into the conversation. Suspected to be derived from the Latin Lolpenare; Lolpeno: 1st conj. verb. "To astound; I astound" but it's origins are uncertain.
"No! I do not believe that abortion is simply a political issue as it effects people on a deeply personal level. It is not as un-complex an issue as to be able to say "Abortion: Good or bad?" as there are many different items to consider:
What is the nature of the pregnancy? Was the woman raped or was intercourse by consent. Is the woman of sound mind? Will she be able to finance this baby?"

Response: "Lolpenis"
by Biblo February 15, 2005
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