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1)Something so completely hysterical that at least two hundred people die from laughing, usually falling out of the sky onto the inhabitants of a small village.

2)A ridiculously funny event that's afteraffect is laughter for two days after the bomb is dropped.

3)Bomb inducing a lollercaust.
1)When the first atomic bomb failed to deter the Japanese, America was tempted to use a lollerbomb to kill them off.

2)Two days after milk came out of Julie's nose, people were still feeling the effects of the lollerbomb.

3)Hitler loves lollerbombs.
by Classic Disaster July 31, 2006
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A term often used by people who play computer games too much and have no life. Very similar and to the terms lol or lmao only you dont look like a huge loser if you use those.
Jimmy - "OMG did you see that show on TV last night?"
Bob - "Of course it was hilarious!! LOLLERBOMBS!"
by Paul Sheppard September 16, 2005
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