Singlish word, doesn't have meaning, it can be anything
Example 1 : Happy Xmas, I wish you a Loh Yeh Moh Yeh

Example 2 : Go Loh Yeh Moh Yeh yourself la cb !
by xo13BakeD December 24, 2013
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Loh yeh moh yeh, a phrase invented by Jianhao Tan in the start of his Youtube career.
1. Jianhao, not knowing how to solve the question, simply saw Loh Yeh Moh Yeh in his head and told his student that.

-25 Singaporean Teachers

2. "Loh yeh Moh Yeh!" Jianhao said into the phone of the hotel.

-Things your are not allowed to do in SG but in foreign countries
by Word? Word? WORD! July 28, 2022
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