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1. The act of "jamming log" also known as Sex, Coitus, or the Physical Act of Love.
2. The act of jamming a wooden log into a wet hole.
3. The fake pornographic film that Tara Reid's character "Bunny" appears in, in the movie "The Big Lebowski".
I'm tired as hell bro. I was up all night with Susan, logjammin that ho. She's walking with a limp today.
by delta foxtrot May 04, 2008
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the process in which a male jamz his log, also known as a really hard boner into a cavity in which it is not well suited. such as a super duper tight anus hole.
last night my boyfriend went log jammin and I can barely hold my "mud" today.
by webster-d December 24, 2008
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urethral penetration with dildo for pleasure, torture, or other various reasons
"That guy deserves a log jammin' sesion for being such an ass at my wedding last Saturday"

"Ooooohhh, my woman just gave me a log jammin!"
by schwany August 27, 2006
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