A nice floppy cock. When you are in the locker room with your friends, you want to have a floppy cock. This makes the penile apendage appear to be large but not grossly large like an boner would be in the same situation. We all look just to measure up.
hey did you check out his locker room cock for me?
do i look like your bitch?......ok yeah he was fucking jacked with that floppy cock!
by Sargeant Johnson November 6, 2007
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An 8+ inch cock, when soft, that will obviously blow away the competition in the locker room.
Elric and Brian were taking a shower with the varsity football team after practice, and when we whipped it out, someone yelled and pointed, "Damn!! You guys both have a Locker Room Cock (LRC)!"
by Dave Mitchells February 20, 2006
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