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Laughing my badonka-donk off. Contrary to what those of you with dirty minds may have thought, it has nothing to do with a big penis.

This word is a more ardent version of the abbreviation lol. This is due to the fact that, unlike lol, people are usually laughing when they use this term.
Person 1: I found this banging shop where they cut hair for $5
Person 2: Whoa, seriously!?
Person 1: Yeah man. I only spent $5 and its looks like a $15 cut
Person 2: Oh aight cause I pay for a $15 haircut that looks like $5
Person 1: lmbdo

Person 1: Yo, you know you're not allowed to eat in my car! You left a chocolate smudge on my seat. I can't have any girls in my car with it looking like I got poop stains in it.
Person 2: lmbdo

Person 1: Why did this old Indian man working at the gas station randomly ask me to give him a hug? I told him I was married. He needs to get the hell out of here with his crusty hands. lol
Person 2: You've got to look beyond the exterior and to the interior. Besides, crusty hands? That's nothing some lotion can't fix
Person 1: lmbdo
by danth3man09 March 03, 2010
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