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Lmaocakes are the primary diet of Johnny Xtreme. That and beer. He can often be seen jet skiing on crocodiles and fighting snakes on jetpacks while enjoying his favorite food. He loves them so much due to the lethality of lmaocakes to everyone else. Johnny Xtreme is so god damn extreme that the lmaocakes have no effect on him so he can go on with his ownage on the phonage and rockage of my sockage.
Boy: Look! Its Johnny Xtreme fighting the sharkosaurus while eating his signature lmaocakes. I fucking love tht guy.

Another Boy: Ya he's fucking sick. <3's

by Lokstir April 24, 2007
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lmaocakes are a very dangerous type of food, that once ingested causes you to 'laugh your ass off'. Sounds nice, however, as u laugh your parents disown you, you get aids, poop your pants and get attacked by wild polar bears. This sucks.
Yummmmm.... Lmaocakes....... ARHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! (Dead)
by That guy that follows you April 12, 2007
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