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Short for llello...Hispanic-origin slang for cocaine. Alternate (but less correct) spellings are yay and yea.
"You want some llell?
I'll front your ass a play
But other than that, get the hell out my face
Because you niggaz tryin to
Blow my buzz..."
-D12, "Blow My Buzz"

Teacher: "Kenny, what's 2 times 4?"
Kenny: "Um...uh...8?"
Teacher: "YAY! You got it right!"
Crackhead Jimmy: "Llell!?! What!?! Where!?! I need a freeze like there's no tomorrow."
Teacher: "No, Jimmy. We've gone over this before. 10 to 11 is math time. Drug dealing is only OK during lunchtime and gym class."
by Nick D November 03, 2005
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