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lit-l+moon-the underside of a female's butt cheek which are exposed when wearing short shorts and partaking in any leisurely bending activities.
Look at Chelsea bending over, you can totally see her little moons.
by Guy Hardcock April 9, 2010
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We like the moon, it's only one and there's only nighttime which means it's valuable right? The baby is very valuable, so he is little moon
A : babe, where is our little moon ?
B : there he is, he sleep so tight
by Psikhe January 31, 2020
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A beautiful young college girl, typically with long legs, a svelte figure, a bit of freckles, a wicked sexy ass, generous breasts. Always down for a good time. Enjoys night swims in the ocean in the rain, as well as a good cheesesteak. See also "Best Friend".
"Goodnight, my little moon"
by personalsun February 2, 2010
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