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Using your finger to stop a turd from popping out as you run to the toilet. Derived from the legend of a little dutch boy using his finger to plug a hole in a dike to prevent a flood.
No more chili before road trips for me! I had to skip prairie doggin and go straight to little dutch boy at the last truck stop.
by DefineThisBro November 22, 2015
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A common haircut among young male teen-agers. This is when the hair grows over the eyes and restricts vision. The young person then has a barber cut only the part obstucting the view resulting in a helmet-like hair style that draws many rounds of laughter behind the person's back.
look at that stupid cracka, come out of the barber shop, got his little dutch boy haircut goin on, that boy abouta get jumped. (laughs)
by PTC's own Krazy Karl February 26, 2007
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When used in a brittish accent, it means an annoying
homosexual. "little dutch boy" by itself without a british accent means a child that happens to be dutch. However, by adding a british accent you change the meaning to an annoying homosexual
Someone should slug that little dutch boy by the day, hes being
a pest!!!!!
by Steve at SES August 09, 2007
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