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Lishalini is the kind of girl who will change your life from ground to sky. She's a beautiful girl and has a smile that shines deep as the stars. A great kisser and always loves her partner has a strong mind but a soft heart and her love for others is overflowing. She's a brave girl who's ready to face every obstacle in her life. Her spirit is gentle and kind. She has an unfaltering faith. There is nothing but greatness in Lishalini's steps. Her words are powerful and her journey is full of great triumphs. She is strong and courageous yet she is full of grace. One of god's most precious gifts is a Lishalini who will walk life with you... If you're having Lishalini, then thank the god for being lucky one.
A girl who always be a reason behind someone's victory.
1.I'm totally lucky to get Lishalini in my life.

by Jannetiarafreyson April 22, 2018
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