jungle-lite; or
diet drum-and-bass.
Next Saturday night on WPGU, Dr. Terminus bringing you the low-cal no-grime sounds of liquid funk, only on Radioactivity.
by the_bc October 29, 2007
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the greatest single style of music around, amazing sound and some genius producers.
It is a sub-genre of drum and bass and is greatly influenced by other types of music such as disco, funk and jazz.
It was 'created' by Fabio in 2000 and subsequently gained massive popularity from fans of drum and bass and of all types of music.
Liquid funk creates a smooth,soulful sound and also widely uses vocals which makes the music suitable for listeners at home but also to the ravers in the club.

Renown liquid funk artists inlcude:

High Contrast
London Elektricity
Danny Byrd
and so on...
"Liquid funk is possibly the best sub-genre of drum and bass because it just sounds awesome..."

"True Dat"
by john johnson the juice box April 10, 2008
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If dnb and jungle had a baby, then dubstep and trance had a baby, and both those kids grew up and had a baby together, that would be liquid funk.

Also known as: Eargasm.
Hey man, I was listening to some liquid funk the other day, and I eargasm'd
by JesusGreen April 14, 2010
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A sub-genre of drum and bass/jungle (a genre of electronic music) that borrows from house and disco music.
High Contrast is a good example of a Liquid Funk DJ and producer.
by ian_the_wund3rkind September 24, 2005
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