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a bill with >:3 written over the face of the bill.

this was started 'last thursday' (4/17/08) and is a global scheme to replace all of the money in the world with 'lioncash'
it is said that eventually lioncash will take over the world and might even cause the destruction of the united states of ameri-lions.

in addition, if you see a lion you can say "OMFG ITS A LION, GET IN MY WALLET" instead of the traditional "GET IN THE CAR"

note : if you have 20$ and a cash exchange machine nearby we urge you to lionize that 20 in return for 5's. lionize those 5's in return for 1's lionize those 1's in return for change. repeat process
"i just tipped our waitress in lion cash"
by No Picture Available April 24, 2008
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The act of drawing the infamous lion face (>:3) on the faces on bills and spare change.

Also the noun for lioncashed money.
Tom: What the hell did you do to your money?
Bill: I lioncashed it, you should try it too!
Tom: What's the point of lioncash?
Bill: To get in the car.
by Shuujinkou May 18, 2008
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A trend, started by the members of the /b/ (random) image board hosted by 4Chan, of putting the lion smilie ">:3" on the face of George Washington.
Bank Teller: What's with this smilie on the $1 bill?
/B/-tard: Lion cash, LOL.
by Mykaah April 25, 2008
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Used when referring to a hot girl. (Used by Penn State University students because Lion Cash is the title for their university money account.)
Dayum son that bitch is lion cash.
by E-Cash November 19, 2007
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