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1)An impossibly cool person to whom you are eternally bound by a bond stronger than blood or superglue.

2)Someone with whom you are officially associated but in reality have no effing idea who they are.

3)A word you throw out when you want to make other people sound like their friendship with a person is inferior to your friendship with that person.

4)Someone who will remember your glory days in college when everybody else forgets how cool you were.

5)Someone who liked you so much that they wanted to be neighbors; alternatively, someone who didn't like you enough to block with you.

6)Someone who makes you feel like you have friends outside of the place you live even if you never leave your jail-cell of a bedroom.
1)"I think we should be bffls. Wanna be my linkmate?"

2)"Hey, you're unreal, have we met? Oh wait, we're linkmates!"

3)Other person: "Hey, this is my friend Ann, she's super awesome, have you met her?"
You: "Obviously! We're linkmates, we go wayyyy back."

4)"Wow, you're awesome, I'm so glad we're linkmates."

5)"I love you, but I'm not IN love with you. Let's be linkmates."

6)"Wow, I haven't left my room in 87 days. I would feel like a lonely loser, except that can't possibly be true because I have so many cool linkmates."
by margaritarockstar March 24, 2013
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