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When you click on a link in an article, but there is a link that interests in you in that article and then you click on that link, but then it takes you to another article and you click a link in that website, etc. You do this for a long period of time, getting completely lost and end up in a site that bears absolutely no relationship to what you were originally looking for. This happens when you try to research things, it can have a good ending when you do this for fun, a bad ending when you're doing this and getting nowhere when you need to learn something, or it can have a saucy ending when you end up looking at porn. Also, used frequently on FB updates, especially when you are supposed to be doing something productive and you end up no where near that productive thing, doing something else, and sometimes even just back on facebook or whatever social media site you use.
I'm supposed to be researching amino acids, but went on a link bender through wikipedia, that was two hours ago and now I'm reading about fuzzy kitten fetishes in Russian young men.
by Mona Beeswaxian February 26, 2014
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