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Installation of a solenoid between the front or rear brake lines (depending on the vehicle if its a FWD then it is installed on rear lines rarely used thaks to the handbrake or if a RWD vehicle then on the front lines) allowing you maintain brake pressure to just those brakes letting the driver engage drive and spin wheels while staying in the same spot i.e burnout
I had a line locker put on me xy so i can smoke it up at Krispy Kremes in Livo without creeping forward all the time
by needaride June 06, 2007
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The act of accelerating while holding the brakes on just enough to allow the back wheel/s to spin and the car to creep forward, resulting in a burnout line as far as the car has been locked in by the brakes.
I blew me diff doin a line locker
by granturismo July 05, 2006
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