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Lincoln park is filled with a whole bunch of skater/scene kids. Ones who dont necessarily care about much of anything. Its an okay place to live if you dont mind the ghetto houses. It looks like a nicer version of detroit, not that much nicer.
Mom: Were moving to lincoln park, michigan!
Daughter: WHAT! are we really that poor?!
by Joanna Smith February 26, 2008
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This is where the dream of suburbia has gone to die. Once a mighty symbol of postwar economic strength, the promise of a slightly larger than inner-city yard. a house that has the exact same floor plan as your next door neighbor but in a different shade of factory polluted pastel with a matching detached garage.

The pride of the city: a shopping center built in 1957 an early example of a strip mall, torn down.

It's A place where the parks are filled with alcoholics sheltering in the dugouts of neglected baseball fields while surrounding themselves with the classiest of beverages: 40 ounce bottles of Old English 800, during school hours.

Where you can sleep soundly listening to the gun shots of meth-head neighbors whom have let their longstanding feud boil over.

Where police are too busy playing music over their car loudspeakers when watching street races vie for glory across the street in Detroit It's where at the local diner, a guy goes crazy after he finds out his girlfriend whom waitresses there has cheated on him with a cook, shoots the diner up only to die by rear ending a farm combine forty miles away in Monroe. Where growing up, you learn to tell the difference between different types of junkies before the age of eleven. It's a place where an ex-bouncer at the local dance club escaped from the basement with holes drilled through his hands. Where just breathing , quadruples your cancer risk.

Lincoln Park may be the reason white people are moving back to Detroit.
"Going to hit up my dealer today to buy weed and some percocets, He's the 12 year old , smoking in that group across the street from the middle school, only in Lincoln Park, Michigan"
by Hoooboyyyyyy May 25, 2018
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A place near Detroit. Alot of people think just because its near Detroit its "ghetto" but its really not. Its not the nicest place to live, but not ghetto. There are alot of "clones" meaning, alot of people who all look the same or try to. Everyone tries to dress the same way, or look "scene". Alot of kids smoke weed, and dont give a damn what you think of them. Mess with someone there, and MOST LIKELY, they're going to want to fight you.
Girl1 (talking to friends) She's just a slut, and I dont care about her.
---> NEXT DAY <---
Girl2 (talking to Girl1) I heard that you called me a slut ?
Girl1 Yeah, I did.
Girl2 BITCH!

*fight starts*
Lincoln Park, Michigan
by I.Live.In.Lincoln.Park July 27, 2011
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