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A place near Detroit. Alot of people think just because its near Detroit its "ghetto" but its really not. Its not the nicest place to live, but not ghetto. There are alot of "clones" meaning, alot of people who all look the same or try to. Everyone tries to dress the same way, or look "scene". Alot of kids smoke weed, and dont give a damn what you think of them. Mess with someone there, and MOST LIKELY, they're going to want to fight you.
Girl1 (talking to friends) She's just a slut, and I dont care about her.
---> NEXT DAY <---
Girl2 (talking to Girl1) I heard that you called me a slut ?
Girl1 Yeah, I did.
Girl2 BITCH!

*fight starts*
Lincoln Park, Michigan
by I.Live.In.Lincoln.Park July 27, 2011
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