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A female usually from Europe with light brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She is short, introverted and has a group of close friends that has up to 5 members. She is most likely bisexual or pansexual, enjoys dark humour and bad jokes. She can be short tempered and annoying, and May also lack confidence. She gives out as much love as she can, but sometimes needs attention too. Tips for new purchasers of the current model : give her lots of hugs, be there when she needs you, and for gods sake please don't forget to feed her. She likes al types of music, but mostly listens to calm music as it soothes her.
(Please note that this section is for pure entertainment purposes and is in no means to be taken as that you can buy a girl)
Dude, I'm thinking of looking for a Lilija on amazon!

Really? What model you buying?
The new one!
by DΕΎejdΕΎej July 31, 2019
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The best girl you will ever meet smart funny and intelegant the is so many wonderful aspects of lilijas personality and you wont want to get on her bad side she is so sweet and up for anything
Lilija is a wonderful person i think im going to like her
by Caca_ November 09, 2019
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