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A Liliani is usually a girl who seems shy at first but once you get to know her, she will show you the crazy side of her. Most people like being around a Liliani because they are fun to be with. They will do anything to bring the mood up if her friends are feeling down. Never break her trust as she has been through so much that it is hard to trust people. If she ever show you her crazy side, that means she really trust you. She may also be very stubborn and hard to deal with.
Guy 1:"Dude, have you seen that new girl in town, people said that she is very shy."
Guy 2:" Must be a Liliani."
Best friend of Liliani:"No she's not shy... well maybe at first. But once you know her deeply, you'll know that she is one heck of a girl. And very hard to handle."
by Syasyah Nakwok September 05, 2017
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