Probably the biggest contributor to hip-hop's death today, maybe with the exception of Soulja Boy. He's got tattoos of cum, dripping down his face. He's got a hoarse voice, but a hamster penis. The reason for his voice is because, like his rhymes, Lil' Wayne sucks dick. He can't touch or even come close to real emcees like Rakim or Nas, although -due to his sexuality- he'd probably like to do both of those things.
lil wayne:

His name's "Weezy", the sleazy, cheesy rapper. It pleases him when his boyfriend skeezes in his greazy crapper. He gives rap a bad name cuz' all his raps are the same. All his raps are lame, and he looks like a dame. He's got cheddar, but only because some folks just don't know better. A woman once wanted to fuck him, but he wouldn't let her. He told her he was saving himself for Birdman, and that once they were married, they'd change their names to Lil' Stain and Turdman. His pubic hair dreads hang down past his face, another man's ass is his favorite place. He makes a milli here, makes a milli there, puts a willy here, takes a willy there. He shoves a willy here, loves a willy in his rear, he's really just a queer, livin' in fear. He shoves a willy there, loves a willy in the derriere, you can tell from his hair, that's no man, there's a fairy in there.

He's a willionaire.
by pjs91192 May 08, 2009
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1.The most overrated rapper ever. Fake as shit. He sounds like a fag. I get pissed off anytime someone talks about Lil Wayne or turn on one of his songs. He really isnt that good, i dont see why erbody likes him.

2.The rapper of choice for most preppy kids b/c they only listen to rap thats on the radio.
1. This new Lil Wayne album is garbage, no true rap fan would listen to this, lets listen to The Documentary by The Game.

2. Person 1: Those kids that just left the Abercrombie and Fitch are listening to some Lil Wayne.

Person 2: What a buncha fags.
by Johnathan Oldstyle February 26, 2010
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A complete garbage wannabe rapper. Basically all his followers are rich white pimple-covered 14-year-olds who wear tilted baseball caps and think they're ghetto or something. The only reason these snots like him is because he has tattoos and wears dreadlocks > AUTOMATICALLY GOOD RAPPER!!!1

No. Doesn't work like that. Basically all of his songs consist of him droning on about all his cash and using at least five weak metaphors per line, which he apparently thinks is being creative. His pathetic attempt at rock music failed and was panned by everyone. I hope he stays locked up so I don't have to hear that shit on the radio anymore.

You want real rap? Listen to the legends, the originals that made rap, like Jay, Nas, Game, Tupac, Biggie, Dre, Mos Def, Eazy, Ice Cube etc etc. Throw away Wayne's trash.

You think he's ghetto? The fool was in a gifted program in his elementary school and joined the drama club. What kind of gangsta does that?
Rich white kid living in the suburbs: Yo homie what's crackalackin? I b listenin to sum mad shit from weezy yo!

Me: Take off your stupid Dodgers cap you bought at Walmart and shut the fuck up. Lil Wayne is singlehandedly killing hip-hop.

RWKLITS: Yo man why u b hatiiiiiiiiinnnn??? yall know weezy is da greatest rapper alive!!!1

Me: Ah, you must not have heard of Jay-Z, Game, Dr. Dre, or Nas, then.

Kid: y u hateeee??///?? u sucha hataaaaa!!!! weezy is king!!

Me: *sigh*
by ricthetric April 04, 2010
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