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Going and doing errands such as returns, looking for curtains, buying pots and pans, grocery shopping, going to Home Depot for project supplies with you girlfriend / boyfriend / significant other / fiance / spouse / husband / wife.
John and I are life'ing together this evening.
by Spicyitalian76 May 16, 2018
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Deranged from the word "lifer", a term used by Marines when someone who is very tenative to the rules and regulations comes up to you and corrects a defficiency. An action by which someone comes up and tells you to tuck your shirt in, get a haircut, asks you if you shaved today, asks you when the last time you washed your uniform. Anyone who cares about the preservation of the Corps can "Life" someone.
"Hey Devil Dog! I know we aren't walking and smoking!"
"Shit...that guy has nothing better to do than walk around lifeing people."
by BadMofoMuzz August 15, 2008
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Feeling you get when everything in your life goes bad .Your wife leaves you or girlfriend leaves you and everything reminds you of her and you get all depressed and rage and can't stop thinking of her.
Nathan: Dude I'm lifeing so bad right now.
Dan: Why dude?
Nathan: I got served papers this morning at 7 am.
Nathan: Shes really going tru with the divorce?
by foreverlifeing November 26, 2015
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Just doing whatever one feels like with a laid back attitude.

Stoners do it best!
"Hey, dude! Wazzup?"

"Oh, just life-ing, man." *hits blunt*
by NINJATERTLE1 May 19, 2017
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when some thing or someone is busy being that thing is lifeing
Siya is looking to be lifeing this December
by @stt.koolest November 23, 2018
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