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Lienna a unique name means beautiful and thick in size. Is a girls name
Hey Lienna. Lienna you look nice today.
by thatanonymusgirl August 29, 2017
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Lienna makes everyone go speechless when they see her! She is the greatest friend ANYONE could have! Lienna will cheer ANYONE up and make them laugh. She will beat up ANYONE that messes with her bestie. Lienna can put everybody in a good mood. She is sexy and gorgeous! Whenever she falls in love she know that he is the one. She is the best Girlfriend anyone could have! Lienna makes everything fun!! She seems shy but once you know her she is a CRAZY FUN person!! Her eyes ANYONE would DIE for and that is what everyone notices first. Lienna is a true beauty queen! She will be their friends or no friends through their roughest times. She is optimistic and always supports other people whether she hates them or not. She is hard to replace! Lienna can make anyone happy and can always make your day! Her hair is long, silky, and soft! Though she HATES when people are mean to her. If you are mean to her, you better watch out because she will kick your ass. But that makes Lienna, Lienna! Without Lienna, everything would be boring and sad!
Boy 1- Have you seen her yet
Boy 2- Yes, her eyes are so pretty
Boy 1- she looks like a Lienna

Boy 1- You are ugly
Lienna- do u wanna take that back
Boy 1- No, you can't do anything to me. You are just a girl
Lienna- You shouldn't of said that (she then kicks his ass)
by Clumsy Nat April 11, 2018
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