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(noun): sense of identifying when another person is lying to you.
That girl has no lie-dar; she believes everything that any guy ever tells her.
by poor decisions girl December 17, 2009
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A cutting-edge-technology terrain-surveying system that measures how many pathological liars exists in a given area. Since the target-blips all look the same on the machine's display-screen and therefore cannot be differentiated from one another, however, this system is actually quite ineffective at determining specifically which people to watch out for as being truly dangerous, especially as you travel into areas with higher populations of sport-fishermen, lawyers, politicians, used-car salesman, Bible-thumpers, etc.
If an evenly-distributed few of the vast crowds who were watching the Emperor's procession had employed hand-held LieDAR systems just as soon as The Emperor had started parading down the main street while "wearing his new clothes", these reliable-technology-aided individuals could have seen for sure that everyone else was actually just fibbing about being able to see the foolish Monarch's magnificent panoply, plus, of course, they's also know for certain that their own eyes were not, in fact, playing tricks on them, either. These "vindicated skeptics" could therefore have just loudly reassured everyone else in the surrounding multitudes that their being able to see nothing but a naked fat guy ambling down the main street looking like a total jackass was in reality **totally normal**... in other words, the Emperor really and truly WAS galumphing along the avenue "sans stitches", and so everyone could then have hastily stopped all the pompous foolishness --- and possibly also caught those two scheming shifty-eyed "dream-weavers" ('cuz dreams were, in fact, da only thing dat these two swindlers truly knew how to weave) before they got too far away --- and done so long before the Innocent Little Boy finally "broke the spell" with his "shockingly-impertinent tongue" when he casually blurted out to everyone around him about the Emperor's being in his birthday-suit.
by QuacksO November 21, 2018
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