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The gentle licking of eyelids - what a strange but pleasing sensation. Discovered and administered by Johnny & Cathie
Take the lids of a loved one and gently lick them
by John Stevenson November 09, 2004
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A coffee weilding lesbian who likes to lick the cream out of a tight lid.
Lesbian says to another lesbian while at a coffee house "I can tell that you're a fantastic lid licker."
by eZillyamuZed April 08, 2011
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A rugrat who, before eating the contents of his or her plastic pudding cup, licks its foil lid (especially designed for licking without lacerating the tongue).
That pile of sticky foil things in the trash consists of the lickable, likeable lids that lidlickers love to lick.
by Jenjis Cahn November 11, 2004
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