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The lidingö-brat lives in a suburb to Stockholm called Lidingö. It's an island which they rarely leaves, they rather live in their "bubble", and the result of that is that all the lidingö-brats have all made out with each other. If they ever leave their bubble, they're usually seen at Stureplan, where they flash their (parent's) money and "vaskar". They spend most of their monthly allowance (read their parents money) on bronzing powder, tanning beds and paying older siblings for cigarettes and booze. They have all adapted to the "Lidingö accent" where the "i" is pronounced as "yyyiiii" which is seen as a sign of wealth. They get more and more slutty for every generation. Easily spotted in the croud due to their red/bright blue winterjacket worn all year around aka a fjällräven or canada goose.
- So do you like him?
- No, he's such a lidingöbrat.
by swede1234567890123 March 13, 2011
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