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His name is derived from the popular 1980's video game tetris.

He is a local celebrity in Adelaide, infamous for his songs and fringe. He plays gigs and is definitely and up-and-coming star.

His most popular song 'Blame It On Being Incoherent' (or more widely known as 'The Sorry Song') always gets the crowd bopping, singing and counting how many times he says 'sorry' (the answer is 8, by the way).

Not only is he musically gifted, he is also still the reigning god of all the Adelaide scene beans. He is so almighty, even his fringe is renowned through the lands.

The bitches chase him like Tom chases Jerry, just quietly.

You'd be an idiot to not try and befriend him, but beware, he's picky.

His knowledge of films will astound you, never will you meet someone with more knowledge or such an educated opinion on films. His taste in music is sought after by everyone from the lowliest plebs to the freakin' kings and queens!

If you're a woman, you better make him a sandwich.

All the mallrats know him.

Good luck, perhaps one day you will have the privilege of being pals with Li-ham.1980's video game.
Courtney: OH MAN I'M SORRY!
Charlotte: Dude, it's fine. Don't go pulling a Liam.

ZOMG! liam.TETRIS is a musician!
by danielledanger July 21, 2010
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