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Simply put, lesbian attitude. A kind of attitude only lesbians can really give... it reek of lesbianism (not neccesarily in a good or bad way.. it just... is very lesbian).
"Don't give me that lesbitude!"

"Haha, your friend has such lesbitude, it's awesome"

by Diamanda Graves July 10, 2008
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The attitude (whether agreeable or otherwise) exhibited by that lovely segment of our population known colloquially as "carpetmunchers" and in regional circles as "poon plungers," "lawn-mowers," "rug chompers," "beef wrigglers," "fuzzy bumpers," "clam harvestors," "honey potters," "meat pocket pickers," "purveyors of Peruvian box chowder," and . . . uh . . . "girl homos"?
By virtue of her sexual orientation, Ellen Degeneres may properly claim to have lesbitude
by Finance Rocks April 29, 2007
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