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An extremely pretty girl, who has a naughty sexy side to her. She can be shy at first and getting to know her can be tricky, but once you're her friend, you're counted as one of the luckiest people alive. She is a trustworthy friend who will stand by you no matter what. She's an amazing girl, a good kisser and can make you feel like the only guy in the world. Any boy would be lucky to have her, but if he doesn't treat her right, he'll have many angry friends on his case. Leoani can stand up for her self but sometimes just need someone to be there for her - a shoulder to cry on. She tends to get on better with boys than girls because she thinks it's less drama, she would hang out with girls only if their not trying to get big on her, she loves to be their for you as long as your their for her. She is caring, loving and is naturally stunning. She is always there for those around her and is ready to give top class advice. One of the best friends you will ever have. She's really good fighter. Leoani is a girl who has a booty that will have the boys jaw droped and boobs that are normal sized. Her smile is the most amazing thing especially her sparkle in her eye. Leoani has a really bad temper and can changer her attitude once you change yours.
Boy #1: Leoani is the most amazing girl her smile is just amazing and i love her advice.
Boy #2 : Sorry man i already call dibs on that baddie
by Badbabz332 March 19, 2018
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