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Australian slang for a XXXX Gold, a perfect refreshment after a long hard days work. Often used in child friendly media to avoid references to beer or brands.
Tradie 1: Fuck me, whens smoke-o?
Tradie 2: We'll grab a snag from bunnings on the way, dont worry mate
Tradie 1: Can't have a lemon squash at bunnings though mate
Tradie 2: A bit early for a lemon squash dont you think?
Tradie 1: Dunno what you're talkin about, i started at 20 to 8 this mornin.
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by fcknbobfrank October 25, 2018
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what you ask for down in england if you want lemonade. if you ask for lemonade they'll just give you sprite . i dont know what happens when you ask for sprite .....
Id rather fancy some lemon squash mum.
by kattttttttttt June 29, 2008
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Lemon squash is a rare drink that no one drinks and I only did this to be on the website 😂😂😂😂😂

1:If life give you lemons you make lemonade

2:When life gives ya lemons you squeeze em like a pair of titties

3:Wow her titties are huge I wanna squeeze them like lemons .
I wish lemon squash was an everyday drink!!
by The Beast 72 vlogs and stuff_y January 14, 2018
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