To lie obviously about the unimportant and uninteresting, then when called on your lie to laugh and ask, “What are we talking about?” also to need excessive pieces of flare to prove ones existence and worth to society.
Can be used as a
Verb: “I totally Leblonded about the price of a taco.” Or “you are so leblonding right now”
Adjective: “you are one leblonding jackass
Noun: “quit being such a leblond”
by Wakenutz July 29, 2007
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The most attractive and sultry blonde haired women in the room. She is not just "another" blonde but "the" blonde. Characterized by extreme beauty, intellect and kindness of spirit, she is rarely alone. This stunner tends to leave a trail of broken hearts in her wake.

babe hottie shorty betty
"Check out the blonde at the bar, she is LeBlonde."

Bridgette Bardot, Grace Kelly & Reese Witherspoon classify as LeBlondes.
by Dave102508 January 07, 2008
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The most awesome werewolf in the world. Gets alot of pussy from werewolf bitches and likes Arbys.
oh no, its that crazy mother fucker Duncan Leblond!!!!
by dunks the donut 3 October 17, 2010
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