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the act of chylling or mossing or taking it easy.
one could use it to say JUST CHYLL or TAKE IT EASY.

also can be used when wanting to say "just wing it" or "just guess it"

to be the most chyll.
Nasreen: "eyy Shwetha, whats good"
Shwetha: "oh not much yo, just leaffin"

Raganya: "omg im so stressed"
Shwetha: "just leaff mann.."

Raganya: "omg i have a history test tomaro and i dont feel like studying:("
Nasreen: "just leaf it yo, yu'll do great"

"ima leaf that stuff" ( ima wing that stuff)

"just leaf it" ( just wing it )

"wanna leaf someday?" (wanna chyll someday)

"yur a truee leaffer" (ur very chyll)
by truleaffer May 19, 2009
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