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Irish form of good looking or fine
an abrieviation of 'lethal'
rach:do ya see that fella?
kirst: oh yeah he's le'al
by rachbills July 16, 2009
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Leal. The most loyal person you will ever meet. The most amazing best friend and lover, he will always be there for you no matter what and he's the most forgiving person (even when you don't deserve it) you'll ever come acrosss. A very intelligent human being who has amazing insight on the world and is poetic as fuck. He'll never fail to amaze you and just when you think he can't get any better, he does. He'll treat a girl like his queen and spoil her with love and affection. You'd be lucky to have a friend like him, and if you do, keep him close and never take him for granted. He's constantly working on himself and always getting better. He's bound for greatness, so never sleep on him.
"woah is that Leal from high school?"
"Yeahh, who knew he'd make it that big"
by constant July 16, 2017
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Leal- last name of every person who is offended by the mere concept that people have posted on the urban dictionary that Leal, which means *away from slang* loyal, has somehow come to mean annoying.
"The Leal Family is pissed"
by TehRiddler December 01, 2006
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twisted lol, which to a certain extent, can bug someone even more than the regular lol
leal, ur such a noob
by crs March 28, 2004
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Word used to express a feeling of annoyance, irritation, or anger

*Konglish term of the world 'real'

* (a mixture of the language of Korean (South Korean) and English (U.S.)
Carrie: Ugh, we have math after this class
Michelle: Ah, leal
by Gracier November 21, 2013
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