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Can be worded 'lazergazer', 'lazer-gazer' or 'lazer gazer'. All mean the same thing.

The meaning is quite broad. Can be used to describe a person who has, is or will be watching (either intentionally or non-intentionally) another person urinate. It can be meant in a sexual way too, for instance in relation to 'golden showers', and could in this sense describe the person who is on the receiving end of said golden shower.

The act of watching another person urinate can also be described as 'lazergazing'.

- Phrase coined by CatManTad and given meaning through collaboration with a friend (not through experience! Just so you all aren't left wondering!)
Phrase was initially used to describe what another friend did at their recent job overseeing the operation of a CNC Laser Cutting Machine. However, the tone of the conversation soon lowered a couple of notches when we realized what the phrase COULD mean in other circumstances.
1) I avoid using the urinals in public toilets to stop lazergazers.

2) You're at a party and two women go to the toilet together. You may say to your friend "Has lazergazing become THAT much of a trend now?"

3) A means to promote your new kinky blind dating service- "Meet your perfect match at one of our stargazing and lazergazing evenings."

golden shower

by CatManTad October 22, 2015
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