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Lavar ball is a loud mouth fat man who thinks he would destroy Michael Jordan in a 1v1. His sons lonzo, liangelo, and lamelo are probably the most Unorthodoxed basketball players of all time, but somehow they are very good. Lavar ball takes full responsibility of this. Claims to be the best basketball player of all time. Averaged 2.2 points per game in college, claims oldest son lonzo is better than 2 time MVP Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Wants to play Hall of famer Charles Barkley, then tells him to stay behind his desk at TNT and eat donuts. Claims his son lamelo is better than Jesus Christ at basketball.
Lavar ball is a fat lard who only can do 2 pull ups
by Nikkideez March 15, 2017
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Born on October 23rd, 1968, LaVar Ball, father of the later we’ll known Lonzo Ball, LaMelo Ball, and LiAngelo Ball, had always been a cocky and arrogant boy. In grade school through high school, he had never been the best player, but his self esteem thought otherwise. During his next years in college LaVar tried out for the basketball team, making it in. After he finished off his years, he had averaged 2.2 points per game, and astonishing low. Years later he married Tina Ball, who later birthed heir first son Lonzo Ball on 1997, birthing their second LiAngelo Ball I n 1998, and a couple years later the youngest LaMelo Ball, born in 2001. After his sons entered he college of UCLA, he began to have his sons make astonishing shots during UCLA basketball games, being very skilled in the art. Exploiting his son’s potential, he has pens up the Big Baller Brand, also refer as the BBB, as shown on one of his many branded shirts he commonly styles at any public event. LaVar later goes on to make claims as his sons being the GOAT. Many bold claims later, Lonzo is drafted to the Los Angles Lakers, making a first round second pick; falling behind Markelle Fultz, who was drafted for the 76ers. Later on they open up their own television show titled “Ball Family.” In most sense he is a complete idiot and is lucky to have actual good kids, besides their jumpshot.
Harvey: Have you even SEEN LaVar’ Ball’s jumpshot? No wonder his kids shoot like total moron.
😭👌😎💯LaVar Ball fan follower retard:💯😂👌😂 Bruh deadass his shot form is on point my nigga fuck you mean?
by Just helping out. November 22, 2017
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the best man on earth who can take all the dicks even mine because I would smash and bend him over hard . He gets all the pussy and will cum on me till I drown.

You are lavar ball
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by lavarballisgod July 13, 2017
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