A shortened form of "What the fuck do you mean?", largely used when the person using the phrase takes a comment in a negative way.
"I'm just sayin' man, yo momma good in bed."
"Fuck you mean, man?"
by guyatrandom August 5, 2009
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used when you are normally mad at someone based on what they did.
best friend: well someone was talking shit about you
you: the fuck you mean someone was talking shit about me??
by fuckingjew April 20, 2017
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1) Extreme confusion with a situation, almost in disbelief, even though you sort of know the answer. The usual reaction when a person says or does something extremely shocking.

Sometimes a Rhetorical Question
1) "Uh, hey Lisa, I just came from the clinic, u might want to get urself checked out" "FUCK YOU MEAN?!"

2) *while on a first date*
Fuck You Mean you left your wallet at home?!
by Imari_J August 18, 2011
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extreme shock at a lack of knowledge
Fuck You Mean what does Fuck You Mean Mean?!?!
by Nig Squad August 11, 2011
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