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A shortened form of "What the fuck do you mean?", largely used when the person using the phrase takes a comment in a negative way.
"I'm just sayin' man, yo momma good in bed."
"Fuck you mean, man?"
by guyatrandom August 05, 2009
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1) Extreme confusion with a situation, almost in disbelief, even though you sort of know the answer. The usual reaction when a person says or does something extremely shocking.

Sometimes a Rhetorical Question
1) "Uh, hey Lisa, I just came from the clinic, u might want to get urself checked out" "FUCK YOU MEAN?!"

2) *while on a first date*
Fuck You Mean you left your wallet at home?!
by Imari_J August 17, 2011
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What, exactly, are you trying to say? Say what (Mostly used in defense)


I'm fairly certain that I either didn't hear you correctly, or that you best have misspoken about me by accident!


Hold up, let me get this straight! Did i really hear you say, what I think I just heard you say? (Used in defense mostly)
Wife: "Of all your friends, your dick is the biggest, Dear!"

Husband: "Fuckyoumean of all my friends?"
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by Intenselysubtle May 10, 2018
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(Fuck you mean) Actually as it sounds must be said in one word usually used to express a sense of disagreement
Hey can you walk me to the store I will give you 0.05cents, Fuckyoumean ???0.05 cents bitch ?I need the whole bag if I'm walking your gready non sharing ass to the store; fuck you mean you got me straight tripping boo!!
by Ghostrunner April 07, 2017
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