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a philidelphia based rapper, "Some cats might say Jay-Z or Last Emperor" - Mos Def on the greatest emcee of all time.

Absolutely legendary, no doubt about it, spits life as he see's it, doesn't talk bullshit about guns and violence.

Made the legendary song Secret Wars Part 1.

Check it out.
NB: also a great film by Bernardo Bertolucci.
Last emp, vocabulary dropper, my rap book, magic like harry potter
rough rider much like a physichan, im kickin magic spells and
put the females in position
and when they ask you what my rapping is under
tell em to use words like magic and wonder
tell em to use words like passion and hunger
tell em i got an album that'll crack for the summer
and when it hits, the pitch at a certain rate
gotta admit i dont spit i regurgitate
over beats that'll increase the verbal murder rate
beats that'll make you dislocate your vertebrae
the ground shakes when i hear the drum
hear i come
tell em where im from
I'm from west philidelphia, translevania
body slamming rappers like wrestlemania
rockin ya stadium im out on tour
turn it out when the emp is in the house i roar
down at the record store
who they checkin for
y'all better hit the floor
all hail the emperor
by Ian March 31, 2005
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