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A Laryah is the type of girl that is: smart, funny, down to earth, easy to be around, etc.. Everyone is lucky to meet a Laryah! If you have one as your friend you are very lucky! Your life with lead to great pleasures and you will easily find your ways in and out of trouble with one. Laryahs hold the world I’m their hands.
#1 Friend: dude did you meet that Laryah?
#2 Friend: Yeah she sure will lead something amazing one day!
#3 Friend: Yeah she’s pretty great, we’re friends! Man am I lucky to be friends with her!!
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laryah is a really good friend...she sticks up for her friends but sometimes there a brat....they are also kinda back stabbing . DONT EVER TALK ABOUT A LARYAH OR ELSE THEY'LL FIND OUT AND KICK YOUR BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!
if yoru ever meet a laryah you have to earn her trust before anything....they can be AMAZING or scary asf (lol) don't ever take a laryah for granted. But over all Laryahs can be the most sweet caring people of them all!
Random: hey that girl is sooooo nice!
Weirdo: Yeah she must be a Laryah!
by littyyyyyyyygirlllllll May 11, 2018
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