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The Kentucky born publisher of the well known porno magazine "Hustler", also famous for winning a supreme court case against the fat and moronic reverend jerry fallwell.
by mir April 29, 2004
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A super pimp. The man who puts Hue Hefner to shame (although Hue does get points for his new "Girls next door" girlfriends). The man in the Golden Wheelchair. So lightening fast that after 2 years of working in the Flynt Publications building I still havn't seen him. Hence the "Super" in "Super Pimp"
it's a bird! Its a Plane! It's Larry Flynt!
by insight from the inside January 25, 2012
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Media-dubbed moral authority on free speech by virtue of a March 6, 1978, assassination attempt on his life by a Georgia racist that left him wheelchair-bound. This status has earned him the right as a pornographic magazine publisher to preach in the media against intolerance from time to time as stories similar to his own have received public attention.
by mta3000 March 13, 2010
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