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To make a clear impression whilst demonstrating lameness.

To make a lamepression.

To evoke the emotion "lamepressed".
There was a moment of silence after Sunil briefly and casually mentioned one of the finer points of the klingon language amidst the conversation we were having about rugby and televsision.
We all looked at each other briefly.
There was a magical moment in that silence when we were all of one mind, one emotion. We were so very nearly impressed. The comment had been pertainant, relevant, succint, yet esoteric. The words had come with elegant grace, the poetry of the moment.
We were collectively on the razor of being very impressed.
But somehow, some force of restraining sanity prevented us from taking that last step into actually being impressed.
That was it. Klingon language. Hardcore geek shit. Lame shit for guys who can't get laid.

That was is. We were all lamepressed. Sunil had made a strong lamepression.

The moment ended with a split-second of coded eye-contact, which included everyone except sunil. Dan cleared his throat as nina said "Ah... yeah."
The conversation continued.
by Sunil_ak September 27, 2007
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