Verb: To lie to, to fool with someone's mind
I'm going to lambast that guy with the wrong directions.
by Toronto416 May 10, 2011
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1)To kick some ass in an English class
2)To utterly destroy everything in your path in an English class.
"This article totally lambasted the reader."
"Yo, you was Lambasted son"
"I really need to lambast someone"
by A a la J May 10, 2006
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verb. To hit with a cane.
Guy 1: Dude! That hobo was lambasting this invisible guy with his cane!.

Guy 2: Well, that's San Francisco for you.
by jakerrrrulz October 28, 2010
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Hey man, your haircut looks like a Lambast Hazard! Are you five?
by The king shit May 6, 2013
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