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Lake Howell High School: ist die Scheiße von der Erde look that up

The institution where they charge four dollars for crappy pizza and fries & moldy milk you don't even want. In addition, many students engage in sexual activities under stairways, in bathrooms, and various other areas, whether same sex or heterosexual. The storch makes sure to make the lives of the class of '09 as miserable as possible, restricting people from other schools to go to homecoming, taking away off campus lunch (now once every 9 weeks), and having minimal parking. In addition, parking for the year costs $70. Why? I don't know either. As well books are lost resulting in students paying atleast $60 for each missing extremely old book.

Dear Doctor Storch: Lecken Sie meine Zehen und ich Essen Sie Pipi, Arsch ficker!
Lake howell high school is run by the devil, who wants all her devilish ways to be put into the devilish institution.
by silverhawk September 02, 2008
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A "high school" or so they say. The great 'doctor' like to control our lives and make silly rules. It's located in Winter Park Florida. We're Silver Hawks...w00t. This year about one third of the senior class got expelled for drug use. Go team.
The great doctor says we need to communicate to the students at Lake Howell High school, and thus installs flat screen TV's but only in the media center where no one goes...
by Annonymoussss May 01, 2008
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Located in the suburban wasteland around Orlando, FL, it is a hideous hybrid institution, an unholy mix of a crappy American high school and a medium-security penitentiary, though the latter would presumably have better food, cleaner bathrooms and nicer people.

A former inmate, er... I mean student has nicknamed it Lake Hellhole, which, at least when he was doing time there, no one else had before, which is amazing given the appropriateness of the designation.
Lake Howell High School (Lake Hellhole) is an example of what happens when incompetence gets together with an attitude of not giving a shit.
by Dr. Jakareh January 07, 2009
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A hellhole of a "high school," this institution, more of a prison, is operated by the warden "Dr.Storch" this satanic bitch prides herself on putting money into a shitty football team, that's never going to get better. She thrives on the oppression of the rights of the prisoners I mean "students" and she hates the awesome band, the Silver Regiment. besides that, this school is known for its blind spots from cameras, that prisoners are known to have sex in, evidenced by used condoms laying around. the school is from the seventys, and has 2'X1' holes in the wall, covered by plates of some metal, probably used to fix the a/c problems, but, of course, it failed. also, there are some like mutated cockroaches there, they are like HUGE!. Storch takes away things like test exemptions, off campus lunch. Also, her and her staff often break the 4th amendment rights of the students, and they search cars and people for drugs and the like. Lake Howell is a PRISON, and is worse then HADES.
Lake Howell High School is the pinnacle of hell and is where an evil sadistic bitch named after a bird goes around biting the heads off of innocent prisoners/students.
by StorchIsASadisticBitch. December 07, 2009
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