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A one of a kinda amazingly beautiful chic, trustworthy, can get a lil bit hard to handle, says what she wants when it's felt like...but also knows how to keep quiet and let her facial expressions do the talking. Any man is lucky to have her. Incredible best friend. Most likely a Leo. Dreams big. And hates bitches who talk shit and won't have a problem with ratting them out. Despite that, she will be one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, she always puts others before herself, doesn't like leaving people out in situations, is a strong girl who can keep her head up high through tough situations but can get emotional easily. Not to mention she makes a great mother. Has flawless skin and gets happy easily, loves being hugged and always gives out hugs and a huge compliment-giver
"Damn that girl seems hella mad"

"Yup. She's a laishe, she goes off at anyone who's a bitch to her. I used to be friends with her though, she's really sweet but she was too much of a Leo for me"
by Pheeeeee phia March 20, 2014
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