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Shitty, unfortunate, undesirable, annoying, bothersome, unpleasant, bad, mean, unfavorable.
That was so laish of you.

Having class in the student union auditorium is really laish.

That catty bitch dances really laishly.
by McLovin Tango November 12, 2007
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1. The term La-ish means stupid or just bitchy stuff a person does.
2. When something is crazy
3. To describe a person who's talking about something you don't understand and your like WTF.
1. Girl 1: You won't believe all the La-ish Kylie said about Taylor.

Girl 2: Really that's just how she is.
2. Can you believe the La-ish on the news!
3.Teacher: x/6=9*5 3/4 +18/2*0= what?

Student : Yeah, teach I have no fucking idea what that La-ish is.
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by Swaggy Bieber April 16, 2017
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