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A phrase meaning female amazing writer.

Calling someone a lady-kaddy is the equivalent of calling them an amazing writer.

As for 'kaddy', the philosophical meaning of the name refers to one with a natural driven, determined nature and a strong, almost obsessive passion to whatever this person puts their mind to, as found on the site, kabalarians philosophy. A person with the name of Kaddy is also known to be highly developed in the right side of their brain, making them out to be very creative and very apt with potential for becoming a truly great writer. Kaddy can be both a male or female name, hence the need to put Lady in the front of the name to block out any confusion.
The author of this book is SUCH a lady-kaddy. I'm so jealous.

I wish I could be like a lady-kaddy, but I'm just too much of a procrastinator and not determined enough.

Wow, I love this author. She's such a lady-kaddy!
by 101oBsEsSioNs July 08, 2014
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