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A town in Orange County, CA where everybody lives inside a bubble and has no idea what goes on in the real world because they're too busy shopping at Brandy Melville. It's a small town so when you go on a jog you're bound to see someone you know. There's a bunch of boys who skate and it's incredibly annoying because they think they're better than anyone who doesn't. Everyone is white, rich, and spoiled. All the moms are annoying and talk really loud and have babies that scream in the middle of the grocery store. All the people at Ladera Ranch Middle School are cringey, spoiled kids that think they're better than everyone they meet. If you're a normal kid and don't match the normal attitudes of Ladera Ranch kids, then it will be hard to find friends here. It's mainly the little kids who are annoying and cringey here. The highschoolers are okay, only if you have a group of friends that you like. Ladera Ranch is the most annoying town I've ever been in, don't ever come to live here. I'd rather be in New York City than this community.
"Oh shit, you're moving to Ladera Ranch? You're not going to turn all rich and white, are you?"

"Ugh that is such a Ladera Mom."

"That kid totally comes from Ladera Ranch. He's white and a spoiled brat."