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Accidental explosive diarrhea caused by consuming a dairy product by a lactose intolerant person.
- Yo Bob, where did you go? We searched everywhere for you at the party.
- I had to change my pants man, had a little lactcident after downing two White Russians.
by WordWhiz September 26, 2015
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The accidental mammary fluid letdown that can sometimes occur to a lactating woman when she hears any baby cry and it results in 2 very embarrassing wet spots on her shirt. Woman may try to stave off or prevent the unwanted flow using various methods which may include: pressing very firmly over nipples area, attempting mind-over-matter Jedi tricks, or absconding to a private area to let nature take her course.

Can be compared with, and about as humiliating as, pee-pants from laughing too hard (which, sadly amongst non-senior adults, also happens more frequently to women who have given birth).
Mom 1: "It's 80 degrees out today, why are you shivering with your arms across your chest?"

Mom 2: "Naw, damnit, that baby is crying and it gave me a lactcident, I'm gonna have to grab a new blouse before we hit the shops."

Mom 1: "Oh, snap!"
by athecheat April 18, 2016
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